Google’s Rise Continues With Google Propeller & Samsung Nexus Prime

There has continuously been news surfacing about Google as of late following the debut of Google+.  Which as most people know was Google’s idea of taking several services that we already use (including Hangouts – Video Chat, Huddles –Group messaging service, and Sparks – Content filter for personal interests) and packaging them all together in one place for consumer ease. Since, it’s introduction on September 20th, just two weeks later it ha reached 10 million users. Now there have been two more interesting steps forward in technology surrounding Google.

First, It was recently found that Google was working on a news media reader that is supposed to compete with infamous Flipboard, which is an application that’s been featured on iPads for over a year now.  This new application that Google is working on is tentatively called Propeller and the buzz has been expanding rapidly after Robert Scoble, an American technology blogger, posted on his Google+ that the versions he has seen so far are “mind-blowing good”.

Propeller will be applicable to both the iPad and Android, and when the app intends to launch it’s market will be to try and take users currently using AOL’s Editions app, as well as those with Yahoo’s Livestand app.  All we can do for now is wait until it’s release (whenever that might be) and see how Google Propeller stands up to it’s competition and ultimately rival with Flipboard for the top.

The second noteworthy news surrounding Google has been their partnership with Samsung.  More specifically the Samsung and Google cooperative smartphone, which is going to run on Google’s Android’s “Ice Cream Sandwich” Operating System.  The phone and it’s operating system have created some buzz in that the unveiling of their smartphone at the CTIA Fall in San Diego was cancelled, which led to the joint release of this statement by the companies:

“Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall. We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.”

Even without knowing exactly why they decided to postpone the event, it could be due to a few factors, one of which was the recently leaked video  on YouTube of what appeared to be the Samsung Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus) running on the new Google Android Operating System, but who knows if the cancellation has any relation to the leak.

With all this news flying around the web and media about Google, we can see that they are continuously at the forefront off the technology curve and they have been pushing the boundaries to find new improvements since they came on to the scene in 1998.  With that being said, it does not seem like they will be doing much else other than leading the way in technology innovations in the future to come.

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