Google's New Analytics Graphic, Flow Visualization, Clarifies Visitor Activity

Google is helping administrators get a clearer view of who is visiting their page. How? Through Flow Visualization, Google’s latest analytics tool, which provides visual graphics on a company’s website. The visuals are a graphical breakdown of website visitor activity. This new tool functions the same as Google’s existing Analytics tool, but providing it in a flow chart style allows for an easier understanding of a visitor’s movement through a site.

The new analytics graphics track the most valued and pertinent information of a user’s progression through the site. It begins at the source and tracks every subsequent page visited, how long the user stayed on the page and also tracks the common behavior of a typical user before he or she leaves the site.

Tracking the web activity and traffic numbers allows administrator’s of a site to tweak their content marketing as well as their internal linking structures to point users in a particular direction based on the current behavior patterns displayed through Flow Visualization. What other aspects could Google’s new tool display in their flow chart to make it even more functional?

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