Google's GoMo helps your Business Go Mobile

The ability for clients to shop on your website is becoming more and more important as people now use their mobile devices as their computers. If your site isn’t able to easily offer them the ability to look at what they want, you lose a customer and in seconds that customer will go to your competitor or lose interest all together.

Being unable to access businesses websites happens thousands of times a day. Each day more and more of your customers are looking for you through their smart phones. A mobile website is designed to be able to be seen from mobile devices without any problems and without having to pinch or zoom the screens.

How to improve your mobile business website

By going to, business owners can enter their current URL and see how their websites are seen on mobiles. GoMo will then make suggestions on how to improve the site and make it more mobile friendly. It will also show you great examples of mobile websites and lead you to mobile site developers such as Atmio, Inc, Dudamobile, and Google Site Builder.

GoMo is an important marketing effort to help businesses with their mobile sites. As more people will be able to access mobile sites and be better able to surf through them, Google will be able to increase their advertising reach.

It is a win-win situation for all, as businesses are able to keep their clients searching on their website though their mobile devices, attract customers to their website and services through another source, and Google will be able to broaden their advertising opportunities.

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