Google's Aging Filter

The grand old question in SEO remains,”How long is Google’s aging filter and how do you get around it?” This can also be called the Google Sandbox. In my opinion the aging filter was created to prevent new sites from spamming and building thousands of links in one month to get to the top of Google. Google ranks organically by relevancy, and this ensures that only the most relevant sites stay on top. For a domain that is less than one year old it appears that the aging filter may be a bit longer. It could be six months, eight months, or even twelve months in some cases. For a site that has existed already for several years, the aging filter appears to only be about three or four months. This is one of the reasons it is much harder to rank quickly on Google for a brand new domain name. When you get a new link to your website, Google will take months to recognize that link, and then it filters out a large majority of the links, which is why it is so hard to build new links in Google. Yahoo and MSN have less strict link practices so it is easier to rank quickly in those search engines.

If you choose to cheat Google and try to find ways around the aging filter you will be caught and penalized. Google has about 50 different kind of penalties, and if you get one of them it is difficult to get the penalty taken off. I recommend using a professional Internet Marketing Company or an SEO company to work on the SEO of your website. If you try to beat Google by yourself, you will get caught, and you will not be happy with the outcome. Remember- you may be smart, but the people at Google are always one step ahead of you.

The aging filter is also known as the Google Sandbox.  Google updates their algorithim frequently so no one knows the true rules of the sandbox but Internet Marketing companies likes us try to figure it out all day long. The best thing you can do to not piss off Google is to build links organically and naturally through blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Do not try to add hundreds of links at a time and do not join link farms. They are illegal and they will get you heavily penalized.  Stay away from the Sandbox if you can.


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