Google’s 2012 Spring Cleaning Product List

A few days ago Google made an announcement that they were doing some “spring-cleaning”. The process entails taking old or low usage products and either putting an end to them or combining them with another product. This will allow the Google team to focus on different opportunities and other exciting new products. In case you missed their blog post while reading about the top internet marketing agency, here are some of the more important changes:

Google’s One Pass – Launched in February of 2011, Google’s payment platform subscription service for news publishers is getting axed due to the decreased demand. Google’s plan is to transition One Pass users to other similar platforms one of which being promoted is Google Consumer Surveys. Google Consumer Surveys gives businesses access to surveys and content that would otherwise be in accessible. With the change to phase out One Pass, Google also mentioned that tools that are publisher friendly are being currently worked on.

The browser extension Google Related will be retiring. The extension gave a list of recommended links based on the type of web, news, video, and image search. But after its launch last August, Google Related never saw the kind of adoption they were hoping for and will be phased out within the next couple of weeks.

After the H1N1 pandemic a small Google team began developing the Google Flu Vaccine Finder. However, this is no longer available at Google but can be found at its new identity – HealthMap’s Flu Vaccine Finder.

Some old APIs will be eliminated, and the one-year depreciation policy is seeing change.

Picasa for Linux will be depreciated.

On June 1, 2012 Google is ending Google Sync for BlackBerry, users that have the app (which can be installed until June 1) can still receive support.

So these are the changes Google is making. Here are internet marketing we want to know what you think, which one will most likely missed?

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