Google Unveils New and Improved Hot Searches List

It’s no secret that the internet is a go-to source for the most up-to-date news stories. The internet’s ability to deliver the latest news almost instantaneously surpasses the speed of newspapers significantly and can cover much more topics than a newspaper or magazine can. The immediacy of the internet leads many to use it for their primary source of information. Through Google’s various features, users can often discover what is going on in the U.S. and as more and more people learn about a story, the news spreads naturally and becomes increasingly popular. Natural social media marketing may play a significant role in this, as so many people receive their information from social networking sites and other similar sources.Google Hot Searches

That is where Google’s Hot Searches list enters the picture. Within the Google Trends page is Hot Searches, which has been freshly updated to better streamline the latest and most important news stories that people are searching for. Using a new algorithm, Hot Searches analyzes search queries and calculates a new list each hour of the items that are being searched more than normal. This provides an insight into what people are thinking about and what they want to know at that particular moment. This may open a path for online marketing campaigns to utilize the information of what is most popular to their advantage and involve current stories in their strategies.

The improvements to Hot Searches make the experience more aesthetically pleasing by including vibrant images that illustrate trending topics, and links that describe them. This immediately tells readers what is popular and why, and also provides them with enough information to determine whether or not the story is something they are interested in reading about. It is curious whether internet marketing companies will be able to stay on their toes and take advantage of trending news about the products or services they are promoting. This version of Hot Searches constantly filters stories to ensure that only the most important stories of the day are displayed, rather than the set 20 results of the previous version. It also groups together stories related to the same topic, so that all relevant information is easily accessible. In addition, the inclusion a very interesting detail, the number of times the topic has been searched in the last 24 hours, allows readers to really get an idea of how important the story is to people countrywide.

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