Google+ Starts Verifying Accounts

According to Google representatives, verified Google+ accounts will soon start appearing for those who have a particular social status.  Like Myspace’s “Official” site icon, users of Google+ will soon know that they are following the correct high profile celebrity, public figure or other very popular individual by a green check mark located next to the verified person’s name.    Google and its users are now able to sift out potential identity imposters.  If the high profile pretender is noticed within Google+, they get a four day warning for account deletion so that the community knows the person they are adding to their circle is the real deal.

The search engine company has not yet said how they will go about verifying accounts or the high profile criteria required to obtain a verified check mark but a likely possibility is that representatives of each party will meet to make the agreement, putting Google in close relationship with authoritative figures.

Google notes that although the verification service is only available to high profile individuals at the moment, they will be expanding this service to more people eventually.  Although they don’t specify exactly

who will be able to obtain the verification badge, we can expect that this service will be distributed to company Google+ accounts later this year, as well as the general public in time.

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