Google Starting to Index Comments on Facebook

Social networking just got a little more SEO savvy. Previously, Facebook comments had always been embedded with Javascript so it was impossible for Google bots to pick up on specific comments posted on Facebook. Basically search engines could not read or index a comment that a visitor was writing on a page. So those wanting to combine SEO with social networking and get that extra SEO boost found themselves a bit discouraged.

Thankfully this has now changed. Google can now crawl a Facebook page and scroll through the comments just like any other website. Even better, users can actually make a Google search for a specific Facebook comment. in fact use search queries like “commenter name * commenter title” (for example – “Kayla Drake * Social Media Specialist at IMI”) to discover all comments that he or she may have written on various websites that use the Facebook comments platform.

How does this help SEO?

For those of us in the SEO market, this is a dream come true. Now companies  can see more feasible results on how impressionable their social networking sites are. Basically a user can not only search for a specific company through Google but they can see actual posts from that company’s website as well.

What will come next?

This is just a small change that is going to make a big impression. In the SEO and social media world there is hope that this will only grow, i.e. photos and links posted on Facebook can be searchable as well. Possibly from there Google can expand to all forms of social networking sites such as Twitter and Youtube. This way all online websites that a company owns can be tracked and optimized. How do you think this will help your company?


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