Google's New Store Front Locator

Many people are now coming to realize the importance of Search Engine Optimzation, Paid Search, Email Marketing, and Social Marketing. However, some businesses fail to realize the importance of creating a Google local business listing. These listings can appear in search results ahead of sites competing for top ranking natural terms. Google local business listings have been around for a while now and should be a part of any online strategy.

On June 10, 2009 Google took another step in enhancing the value of having a local business listing. Google Base announced a new expanding feature related to the Google Business listing product.  The new feature still in beta allows businesses that submit their physical store location to show up in the Google Base product search section. This feature would allow a business to list a store front location to match up with a product search that an end user could be inputting in Google Base. The value of this can lead to additional store traffic to your storefront. Once again showing how valuable and important it is to have a Google business listing. Also, setting up a business listing is very easy. Simply follow this link to do so.

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