Google Releases New Panda Update

Big news in the world of SEO, PPC, SEM or really anyone associated or affected by internet marketing, Google has rolled out its newest Panda Update. It is approximated that Google Panda update 3.9 will affect about 1% of Google’s search results, which for the world’s largest search engine is a noticeable change.

Since Google’s first Panda update back in February of 2011, Google has implemented a number of updates trying to sort out who really deserves the top ranking spots. Though the updates are supposed to be “minor” changes to Google, over the past two years website owners have had to adjust to conform to the updates or suffer a drop in the rankings.

Pandas are Harmless Right?

Though a panda bear may be cute and cuddly, a Google Panda update can be a fierce beast to your website if you are not practicing efficient SEO techniques. Google will find out if you use duplicate or overlapping articles to boost your search rankings and head you in the opposite direction. Also if your ad content is too great compared to information content you’ll also drop in the rankings. Sloppy or hastily written articles will also be spotted by the newer panda update.

Get Back up There

If you suffered from the Panda update it’s not the end of your webpage. One of the biggest things Google will look for on your webpage is unique and natural content. Natural or organic search rankings will come from having content that is relevant to your site and using a variety of relevant keywords. Another big one is to add content ratios on your page. Ads should never take up the majority of your page. Avoid trying to gear keywords and content at what someone would type into a search engine and instead find a happy medium between relevant content and marketing content.

If all these changes are too overwhelming or simply out of your technological grasp, seek the help of a highly qualified SEO company like Internet Marketing Inc.

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