Google Partners with Inrix to Improve Google Maps

Google Maps is one of Google’s most popular products, and it’s about to get even better. Google recently removed the real time traffic data from its Google Maps product as the company works to create a more accurate solution. That solution is car traffic data company, Inrix.

Inrix’s data software collects data from both public and private sources and then sells that data to mobile app developers and websites. Inrix offers data in 22 countries in North America and reaches over 100 million customers, which will likely increase now that they have partnered with Google.

The University of Maryland found that Inrix’s software is accurate within 5 mph of actual traffic speeds over 90 percent of the time. This innovative technology will increase the usability for Google Map users searching traffic in real time. Inrix also partners with Audi, Toyota, Mapquest and other big names. Google is always on the cutting edge of innovation!  One thing is for sure, Inrix partnering with Google will definitely be a huge revenue booster for the Kleiner-backed software company.

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