Google Panda Update 2.5: Friend or Foe?

Google recently launched its new panda update aptly named panda update 2.5, which has already sent shockwaves throughout the online community. Which leaves us with the question, is Google Panda a friend or a foe?

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a new algorithm update that Google uses to rank websites based on content, articles, blogs, and overall site quality. Google Panda penalizes or as some cleverly say “pandifies” sites with lower rankings that have duplicate content, a  lack of updates and low-quality blogs and articles. Conversely, websites with original and high quality content and that update frequently will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Who does Google Panda help?

 Consumers. The ranking system that Google Panda employs will leave consumers with higher quality sites when using the search engine, and ultimately resulting in a better user experience.  Companies and bloggers will have a love/hate relationship with Google due to Panda updates. Sites that comply will be rewarded with higher search rankings and more traffic, which is welcome news for good bloggers. Now for the flip side, company websites and blogs that score low with Google Panda, will suffer a severe blow, and are more likely to rank low in search engines and likely lose traffic and worse, business.


Update 2.5: The Winners and Losers

Searchmetrics recently compiled a list of the Google Panda Update 2.5 winners and losers. Below is a brief list of a few of the winners and losers provided by Searchmetrics calculated in percentage point gain or loss of SEO visibility.


Winners of the Google Panda Update

  •      +32%
  •           +29%
  •                    +21%
  •        +10%


 Losers of the Google Panda Update

  •        -93%
  •    -69%
  •    -68%
  •              -61%


Overall, Google Panda  looks to be the ultimate test for websites, and update 2.5 proves this. What are your opinions on Google Panda? Does Google Panda provide more of an incentive for companies and bloggers to create a better website and content?
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