Google Offers Now Provides More Variety of Deals to Consumers

Google moved forward with their own daily deals business recently by signing on new deal partners for their Google Offers service. They will now aggregate offerings from other online daily deal providers and will also be sharing revenue from the new offers with the other daily deal sites. Deal brokers include PlumDistrict, Dealfind, DoodleDeals, Gilt City, Juice in the City, ReachDeals, GolfNow,, Schwaggle, TIPPR, zozi and PopSugar Shop. Deals from these new providers will only be available to subscribers in the San Francisco Bay area first and then gradually expand in the next few months.

 Groupon Walks Away From Google

Last year, Google attempted to buy out Groupon for about $6 billion, but was turned down. Groupon is now discussing an IPO to potential investors at a value of $11 billion.

Google Offers includes personalization tools to help categorize topics of interest for potential customers. They now ask users to identify their interests, and then they send an email that will feature deals tailored to their specific choices. These aggregating deals and personalization features will help improve their process in the daily deals market. Do you think Groupon should be worried about Google Offers? When Google Offers launches in your city, see if their daily deals work better for you!








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