Google Offers Glimpse Into Recent Algorithmic Changes

Google’s search ranking, evaluation and algorithmic processes are ever changing, keeping Internet marketers on their toes when deciding the most efficient optimizing methods to employ. Google often gives a glimpse inside some of their changes, but does not entirely delve into the more than 500 changes they make in a given year. Just yesterday, Google gave some insight into several improvements of the last couple of weeks.

For users making search queries in languages where limited content is available (including Slovak, Afrikaans, Malay and Swahili among others), Google will now translate relevant English pages and display the translated titles beneath the English titles.

Snippets will now include more page content and less header/menu content. This seems like a pretty straightforward concept: more content allows Google to choose more relevant text in snippets. Also, Google is extending application rich snippets, which offer more detailed information like cost, customer reviews and other relevant details for people searching for software applications.

Google tweaked their algorithm, which they say makes a significant improvement on ranking content freshness. This is quite possibly the most important change for Internet marketers. The change impacts about 35% of total searches—6 to 10% of search results in a significant way. It will detect a level of freshness for each query, in addition to another change that detects which pages are official to provide users with more relevant, authoritative results. Google says that this change will rank official sites even higher in the search ranking. Finally, for users who specify a certain date range in their search query, Google is helping to ensure that the results are most relevant to the date range specified.

Site Owners Stay Put

Google provides a disclaimer that these are by no means all of the algorithmic changes, nor will they work precisely as you may imagine. In that case, how helpful are these tips? These changes emphasize what a lot of marketers already know: relevant, natural and authoritative content is the key to success. Do you think Google’s insight provides marketers with enough information to reevaluate search ranking and evaluation processes?

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