Google Music Sets Apple’s iTunes In Its Crosshairs

Today, search engine powerhouse Google is unveiling its answer to Apple’s iTunes. Google has already challenged Apple in the mobile technology category with the Android, but now it wants a slice of Apple’s eight year reign on the music industry. iTunes was launched in 2003 as Apple essentially made music sharing legal through a small fee of $.99 per song. Google has not done much in the music industry until earlier this year when Google launched their Music Beta six months ago. Their Music Beta is free like most Google products as the music platform offers consumers the ability to store up to 20,000 digital music files and a unique Cloud feature that synchronizes between mobile and PC devices. Google Music should be making it official later this afternoon at their press release conference in Los Angeles but here are a few ideas that might make Google Music a hit.

So what can Google Music offer?

  1. Social Outlet

Unlike Apple, Google has a social media outlet. Maybe they will incorporate their social media Google+ as a global music distribution center to chat and inform your friends on your favorite up and coming artist. We will keep you posted; maybe we will discover some unknown artist and promote them on our Google+ page through Google Music.

  1. Google Cloud

Another intriguing option would be to utilize the cloud function. Google Cloud could possible give a user the opportunity to download a song and have the same authority to re-download every track that user has ever purchased or uploaded onto any device he wishes to use. This could be reassuring in that it enables the user to get the most out of their device.

  1. Free Free Free

Google is notorious for offering their consumers free products. We have all used a few of these products in some way or another, Google Earth, Docs, eBooks, Gmail, Google+, and etc. It would not be surprising if they offered some kind of promotions through Google Music. One idea that has been tossed around is the “Free Song of the Day” program where users have the option to download a free song. More than likely this song would be a smaller artist/band but at the same time it would inform users of new and upcoming musicians.

How late is too late for Google Music

Only time will tell, but Google does bring a unique and exciting twist to the music platform industry. Who knows, maybe Google will host the 2012 Grammy’s.



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