Google Play Gateway & "Flavor of the Week" Promotion

As we welcome Google Play into the family of music lets take a moment to explore some of the possibilities. For example if you love sharing things with friends and family Google Play’s coolest feature is the compatibility to play through mobile devices, software, and social media at any time or place. Google Play is also connected with the social media outlet Google+ and can be integrated with email, texts, and circles within your Google+ hangout. For example, if you want to share a great book that you recently finished or listened to an awesome song then choose your favorite platform to share it through. You can also take Google Play to the cloud. You entire library is stored in the cloud which enable your downloads to be seen anywhere from your desktop computer, mobile device, or live at

Buyers Remorse

Hate buying something you’re afraid you might end up not liking? Google Play makes the decision much easier as you can preview books, music, and movies. If that still doesn’t persuade you then try the large compilation of app ratings, user reviews, and detailed screenshots to make your purchase that much easier.

Flavor of the Week

To celebrate (or attract customers into switching to Google Play) the launch Google is throwing a party called “7 Days to Play” sale. Here is a list as to what you can find during this sale and also be on the lookout for weekly specials & discounts:

Music:    Feature: top 40 hits Now That’s What I Call Music 4 $.25

 Extras: Various hip-hop, rock, and country albums for $3.99

Game:    Feature: Where’s My Water $.25

 Extras: Selected apps for $.49

Book:     Feature: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close $.25

 Extras: detective novels $2.99

Movie:    Feature: Puncture for just 25 cents $.25

  Extras: Editorial team’s favorite must have movies for $.99

Name Game

If you feel still unfamiliar with some of the new names here is a guide of what was and now what is:

Google Music = Play Music

Android Market = Play Store

Video App = Play Movies

Google Books = Play Books

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