Google Mobile Search App Just Got Better

The May 23, 2012 update of the Google Search App for iPhone introduced multiple new features that will both simplify the way users experience the app and expand the capabilities through a vibrant re-imagined image viewer. Everything about the new edition of the app was dedicated to create a smoother, sleeker and more efficient version of the app. The redesign allows for significantly faster search results, higher quality image search and an organized storage space for all Google apps.

Google Search App

The autocomplete feature instantly loads search results with every input of a new letter, making finding information on the go faster than ever before. Navigating between multiple web pages and the search results page is also much easier and more manageable with the slide-in tab aspect that can be swiped to cycle through the various tabs. This is good news to online marketing agencies as it will increase the amount of time spent on websites since the user will not have to leave the page to return to their search results.

The new interface and more brilliant displays may provide internet marketing companies with a new outlet in mobile marketing, now that the image search feature can be viewed full screen in high resolution, with specific details available about each image when they are tapped.

The new organization of Google’s services into one central location on the iPhone may allow mobile SEM services to become more expansive, covering all of Google’s various search options in a single intuitive source. All the new features of this update are certainly something to take advantage of.

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