Google Might Change The Virtual World With Their New Facial Recognition Technology

Google just bought high tech facial recognition software called PittPatt. As many of you might have already guessed, it is likely to be used for Google+. According to the articles Google Buys Facial Recognition Company PittPatt by Rob D. Young and How Google’s New Face Recognition Tech Could Change The Web’s Future by Kit Eaton, this new innovative technology could change everything on the web.

Facial Recognition Software


PittPatt was founded as spin-off company based on a decade of research project on robot technology at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Henry Schneiderman teamed up with fellow graduates, Michael Sipe and Michael Nechyba to start up the company. PittPatt has developed many innovative software systems that recognize people’s faces from images and motion pictures.


What is so special about PittPatt?

Google has already worked with other existing companies such as Image search, YouTube and Picasa. Some people might think that there is no use for PittPatt to step in with other Google products. As a matter of fact, PittPatt is more than facial recognition software. PittPatt analyzes video dates and tracks people and objects. It can evaluate the number of the people on the camera, the movement of people, the popularity of kiosks and other business locations, and potencial resource for security backup for restricted areas. With these advanced technologies, PittPatt probably can adopt into other Google technology and support the accuracy of facial and object recognition.  Overall, PittPatt’s new technology may just bring Google the extra edge over Facebook even though Google has not disclosed their detailed future plan with PittPatt yet.


Google+ featuring with PittPatt?

It is obvious that PittPatt’s facial recognition system will incorporate with Google+. But how? Google+ is likely to stay away from suggesting tagging images with new facial recognition system due to privacy abuse. Rather, Google will enhance their video tool services. With the precise facial recognition system, their video tool will be able to focus on the main speaker during a video conference. Google will also improve the quality of video chat through Gmail, Google Talk and probably Google+. Perhaps, Google could learn a better way to deal with privacy issues and make it more restrictive tagging suggestions. At any rate, we can look forward to an exciting future with this new technology that Google acquired.



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