Google Makes Search Easier for Mobile Devices and Tablets with New Handwrite Feature

Google has introduced an innovative new feature to mobile devices to aid users who become annoyed with typing on a touch screen all the time when they use Google search. The new addition to Google’s efforts to adapt search to perform how the user wants, which already include voice enabled search and auto-finish, is the Handwrite feature.

Google HandwriteHandwrite provides an intuitive function that is simplistic enough to be cater to any person’s desire. All you have to do is write out letters with your finger as if you were writing on a foggy or dirty window. No virtual keyboard is necessary, nothing covers the screen, and once you hit enter, your search is performed, simple as that. As always, SEO and SEM services can be a valuable asset and companies would be wise to implement them and take advantage of the fact that the easier search becomes on mobile devices, the more people will begin to use it to find every last thing they need. Moving away from home computers to mobile devices for search was something that some didn’t fully commit to because of the hassle of the touch keyboard, but with this new feature, search will be reinvigorated.

All one needs to do is configure the feature and then touch the Handwrite icon in the corner of the screen and it instantly becomes a virtual notepad to write in your search. It is even integrated with autocomplete so less time is spent writing and more time can be spent acquiring the information that is really important. It is important to note that Handwrite doesn’t replace the keyboard, so typing can still be used if preferred. Handwrite is currently available for iOS5+, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets in 27 languages. Google really came out with a killer feature right off the bat, not hesitating to enable the function for people all over the world rather than slowly rolling out the option for different countries, so Internet marketers really should consider offering their services to multicultural or foreign clients as well.

Providing users with the opportunity to use Google Search in so many different ways really allows the type of freedom and level of choice that people want from their mobile devices. Since search is becoming so prevalent on the go, people use these devices nonstop to find what they’re looking for, and anything that makes the process faster and easier is a welcome addition.

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