Google+ Local with Zagat Integration Makes the Opinions of Friends and Family Even More Valuable

Google announced on May 30, 2012 the release of Google+ Local. The new concept features Zagat scores in a prominent position as a way for users to find and share the best places to go and things to do. A new “Local” tab has been added to Google+, giving users the opportunity to search and browse listings for locations that match your interest at that moment. When selected, a local Google+ page will open that contains all the information one could ever need in one easy to navigate place, with photos, Zagat information, reviews from your friends, and even vital business information.

What’s even more exciting is the integration with Google’s other products like Maps and Search, highlighting the ever-important role of search engine optimization in businesses’ marketing strategies. When searching for a location in Google Maps or Google Search, Zagat’s local information appears to provide even more personalized data for the user to peruse. Of course, in these times, nothing can be successful if it’s not assimilated into mobile devices, and this is no different. Google Maps on mobile (Android is available now, iOS will be soon) includes the same great local information that is even more crucial on the go, providing companies with even more reason to implement online marketing campaigns into their repertoire.

Google+ Local

These new developments will affect companies’ internet marketing strategies by giving them an opportunity to increase their traffic with more natural local recommendations from real fans. Zagat forms an important part of this update as it brings its many years of compiled scores and reviews to the table. Zagat bases its ratings on user opinions and they are designed to provide a more detailed description of each location, measuring a number of different parers rather than a simple star system. This attention to detail sets Zagat apart and allows for a more tailored rating of each type of location.

An advantage of integrating Zagat reviews with Google+ is that it introduces the social aspect into simple search features and brings more of a customized set of results to users based on the opinions of the people they know and trust, and more than likely have the most sway in their decision making. The ability to post photos along with reviews just contributes even more valuable information into the score that Zagat provides, thus making it continuously more helpful to others.

As Google continues to release new updates to this service, the features will become even more developed and always promise a constantly evolving collection of information to help you whenever you may need a second thought or recommendation.

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