Google Launches E-Commerce "Trusted Store" Badges

Yesterday morning, Google unveiled its brand-new e-commerce certification program called “Trusted Stores”. “Trusted Stores” will allow qualifying e-commerce stores to display a “Google Trusted Store” badge. In order to qualify for this badge, the store must have a history of reliable customer service and on-time shipping. When a customer scrolls over the badge with their mouse, the grades for the store’s shipping and customer service are displayed.

Trusted Stores

Another very interesting aspect of the “Google Trusted Store” is the $1000 consumer purchase protection plan. The consumer purchase protection aspect acts almost as a safety net, helping to extend the manufacturer’s warranty on a purchase. In order to receive the benefits of the consumer purchase protection plan, the consumer must opt for the free purchase protection. Then, if there is some type of problem, the consumer must first try to contact the seller. If this proves futile, the consumer can contact Google to help them reach a solution with the seller or potentially receive money back.

Google maintains that the main reason for the “Google Trusted Stores” is to boost e-commerce spending by allowing consumers to have more confidence when purchasing things online. They also believe that receiving data directly from the online retailer is much more reliable than the data received from consumer online surveys. As of now, Google maintains that there is no connection between the “Trusted Stores” and AdWords, like there was with Google Checkout.

What we do know for sure right now is that the “Trusted Stores” program is very new and more time is needed to see exactly how Google plans to use it and expand the program. Where do you think Google is headed with “Trusted Stores”?

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