Google Gears Up Against Giant Cable Companies With Google TV 2.0

After its release in early October, Google TV 2.0 software is seeing a dramatic update in improving user experience. The update consists of a more simplified interface, an improved search feature, a focused YouTube/Google TV integration, and a slick mobile app interface for the Android 3.1. But does Google have enough to break the bank on the biggest cable providers in the U.S.?

The Fight For The Couch Potato

Only time will tell, but the U.S. market for television is so large that it would be hard to see Google TV 2.0 walk all over the largest cable providers. But there is some concern which is why we are seeing cable and other satellite companies begin to fight back. Large cable providers are beginning to develop large, interactive apps and secure online programming rights in the on and offline market. The easiest route these cable companies seem to be taking is simply refusing Google to be licensed on their cable boxes. As a result many consumers cannot watch Google TV on their home television because the cable company won’t allow it. So what does Google do next? They try to buy out the enemy of course.

Google + Hulu = Gulu?

Two months ago Google made a large bid to buy out the large online TV streaming company Hulu. Rumor has it that back September in Larry Page personally flew down to Los Angeles to Hulu’s headquarters to pitch his proposal. Although the buyout negotiations died down it showed that Google desperately wants a piece of the cable business. We probably haven’t seen the last of Google trying to acquire a large television outlet if it means huge potential gains for Google. But for now, consumers will have to settle for Google TV 2.0’s list of 80,000 movies and shows that bring the web to the couch. Maybe this smoother and compatible interface will attract more customers but only time will tell how Google TV fares.  One thing for sure is that Google is not afraid of a little challenge.


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