Google Expands and Updates Sitelinks

Ready for a fresh new twist on Google ad sitelinks? Ok maybe not that big of a change but Google is tweaking their ad sitelinks that will look a little different to those who are familiar with it. The focus behind the change is to deliver focused and better quality clicks. Good news for pay per click internet marketing, as Google states that the enhanced sitelinks added relevancy and the average the click through rate (CTR) was 30 percent higher for ads with sitelinks than those without. For those who are interested in sitelinks, this update should give users more precise options while also giving advertisers better measures to gauge how well their ads are performing.

These are some screen shots that Google took to describe the new rendition:

This is a screen shot of a pizza restaurant – which shows the sitelinks below:

Now, if you have text ads included in your advertising plan it looks like this:

Implementing the new change, your ad could now look like this:

To qualify for these new sitelinks, Google sates that “your account must contain closely related to the sitelinks in your campaign” while also having your sitelinks appear in organic search results. It really is not a big change, but I could see it improving the quality of your visitors for many internet marketers. I know sitelinks usually increase CTR but I am curious how this update will fair. I couldn’t find if there is an additional fee so if anyone knows or tried it out with their own account feel free to chime in and let the rest of us know.

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