Google Comes Out with New Snippet Format

People are starting to comment on these new snippets that have recently appeared throughout Google result pages and are wondering; is it just another Google test or is it permanent? Google’s new snippet layout is not a test. Google came out with the new format about week ago in order to create a more efficient way of display listings for pages. The new snippets are an accumulation of extracted list data from pages that contain listings of whatever content is available on that page. When I searched “NFL Preseason” on Google, it came up with this snippet format:

So instead of showing two lines of text, Google is now displaying the structure of the page. There is a maximum of three bullets that actually show up from a pages listing information, but the snippet also displays the approximate number of items or rows of information available on the page. The first line of text, which usually contains the meta description, still remains. This new format also has the ability to boost click-through and page real estate. Although Google is still experimenting with different designs, their ultimate hope is that these snippets will help to better mirror the content in their search results so the user can easily find the most relevant search results.

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