Google Changes it’s Search Engine Algorithm for Faster Search Results

Last year Google changed the way they displayed search engine results to the new infrastructure “Caffeine“. This meant more up to date information, that is recent and relevant to the users keyword searches. This time around Google wants to put their focus on “fresher” material. This means search results can show up within minutes of it being uploaded on to the web and shows a 35% impact on searches. Search results will show the most immediate piece of information relating to the topic being searched.

Users should be aware, however, that this software is not necessarily new but improved. Google wants a fresh boost on content to insure their users are getting the most up to date and relevant information. This will impact one out of every three searches. For users seeking the most up to date information on News Topics, they will find that Google’s change gives the best search results.

There are some questions that do come up with this algorithm change; such as what constitutes up to date? If a website adds new content or simply starts a new website (even with little to no content) does this make it the most up to date by default? Users are concerned on how this could strengthen the use of spammers and viruses by using a loop hole to make their content the first to be seen on a Google search. For the sake of search engine optimization and PPC, there is a strong focus on making sure these changes are positive ones versus changes that can hurt the industry.

As with any new changes online, users will find that it’s best to work through the adjustment period as Google works out the kinks. Hopefully,  this  algorithm change will ultimately provide a better experience for users.

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