Google Cares About Your Brand!

Google just keeps getting smarter and smarter, don’t they?  Well, with there newest algorithm updates it is rumored that Google is making some judgements for rankings based on “brand”.  Naturally, the first question that come to mind is how Google defines a quality and trusted brand through the Internet.  I would assume that some of the factors include:

  • age of domain
  • number of mentions on the web (Web 2.0)
  • overall traffic (maybe)

Many of Google’s algorithm updates make sense but this one seems much more subjective.  The question then remains…how does a hard working company build a brand on the web if it doesn’t know what Google is really looking for.  The best answer to all this mystery is always to follow the best practices, stay on top of Google Guidelines, and keep your ear to the grindstone.  Providing users with great content and a valuable experience will always lay a good foundation for rankings.  Of course, you must have a good SEO company or search engine optimization consultant working with you to ensure best practices are followed. 

You will most certainly not be able to build your brand online for long term results if your site is not following at least the basic rules of SEO.  Often times, people wonder why their site isn’t ranking even after they have been working with an Internet marketing company for months.  There could be many reasons for this of course including the competitiveness of the key terms, ability of the SEO company, etc.  However, a good firm can look at a site for 30 seconds and see if the bascis are being performed.  It is sad to see companies  spending money on SEO when the firm implementing the campaign is either using black hat tactics…or no tactics at all.  Many firms out there play on the assumed ignorance of the client and just tell them to “stay the course”.  In the mean time they are doing virtually nothing to the website or performing any on page or off page SEO.

So my advice to any company out there seeking to improve orgainc rankings…make sure the company you hire knows what they are doing.  Make sure they are transparent about their methods and ask for references, past clients, and of course…look at how well their own site ranks.  If they do not even appear in the SERPs, you may want to think twice.

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