Google Buys Mobile Marketing Firm Admob

Google is at it again on their quest to rule the internet. They recently completely the acquisition of Admob, a leader in the mobile marketing space. The deal was for $750 million in Google stock. Google sees this as a way for them to really get their advertising into mobile phones and it is timely with the new Droid phones taking off right now. Mobile search has been growing rapidly since the iphone came out and now there are a ton of phones with fast internet speeds and good browsers out there. Internet Marketing is now everywhere and Google is betting that it will work very well on mobile phones too.

admob-copyGoogle is getting very good at fast takeovers. In fact, the ads on Admob starting showing up as Google ads less than 1 day after the buyout. If you own an iphone, you know how much time you spend on your phone daily, talking, browsing, listening to music, and playing with apps.  Mobile advertising is only going to get larger.

I personally spend a lot of time on the new CNN application on my iPhone. I think it is an amazing way to get the news and they have great mobile video content. They use mobile advertising extremely well on this application and Lexus is the largest purchaser of ads on their application. Chevron is another huge buyer. This will only get bigger as the world of internet marketing further expands to the mobile space.

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