Google Buys Fridge, Angstro And Just Spotted For New Social Networking Site

Google has recently bought three new start up companies to add versatility to its Google+ social networking site.


Members of Fridge and Just Spotted recently found notices of the website closure that warn users to download all of their profiles content or else it will disappear when the website finally shuts down.  The website’s legacies will live on within Googles future programing.

Just Spotted is a networking site which offers user’s shared information into grouped categories so as not to mix your bachelor party stories with your shared project at work.  Just as an individual would want to share items like family photos only with one’s family in the physical world, Google+ now implements the idea of “groups” in order to make your cyber profile as synonymous with your personal lifestyle as possible.  Just Spotted was purchased for an undisclosed amount.

Angstro offers products that can search the internet for news about your friends on social networking sites and then export information from these social sites.  The founder, Rohit Khare, seems to be a key acquisition in the deal as well since he has an outstanding reputation as an entrepreneur and internet researcher; just the kind of person Goolge likes on their team.

Just Spotted was the number one website for finding out where your favorite celebrities were most recently seen.  Now it has been bought by Google, but has yet to be implemented effectively into Google+.  The founders of Just Spotted are also making their way into Google in attempts to get more celebrities Google+ accounts.

All of these acquisitions and improvements are in attempts to make Google+ the next social media giant, implementing new ideas and efficient programming to take the relatively untouched Facebook head on.


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