Google+ Brings More Peace

It has been the recent question – will Google+ be as successful as Facebook?  When the social networking site was first released at the end of June, its major perks were its much stronger privacy settings and its unique and simplistic overall feel.  As a fresh social network, Google+ even cleverly implemented its launch in an exclusive manner:  by invitation only.   The privilege to receive an invitation caused buzz surrounding the new site to grow even faster.  However, since then Facebook has answered back with similar settings and new features – such as the Timeline, a digital scrapbook that captures an individual’s life from birth.

If you still have not gotten a Google+ account, you are behind iconic people, including the Dalai Lama himself.  On October 7, 2011 the Dalai Lama joined the network and announced to “hangout”, a video chat that can include more than two people, with South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu to send him birthday wishes.  Since his original plans to travel to Africa to personally deliver the warm regards were denied, due to visa complications, this was his next option.   This “hangout” was well-received and the option of “on air” allowed any Google+ users to view the chat.

The Dalai Lama is quite active with social media, and even has over two million followers on Twitter.  His choosing to “hangout” also shows that Google Plus’ video chat may be  better than Facebook’s, and is a strong feature for the site.   The Dalai Lama certainly brought more attention towards Google+; his birthday wishes comply with his commitments to promote the human values of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, and self-discipline.  The Dalai Lama will certainly prosper, I wonder if Google+ will too.




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