Google+ Arrives on the iPad

Following in the footsteps of its recently released redesign of Google+ for Android and iOS phones, Google has now revealed its iPad version of the social media platform. Google+ for iPad was specifically designed to take advantage of the unique features that se the device apart. On the iPad, the news stream filters and adjusts content according to its popularity and the type of story. Brands would be wise to enlist the help of Internet advertising companies to really maximize their opportunities to become more “popular” on Google+, considering its popularity and expansion throughout the whole range of mobile devices. New features include the ability to pinch and expand stories within the news stream itself, providing more real estate to comment, the option to drag posts from the stream to share it with your own friends, and initiating a Hangout on your iPad before transferring it to your TV by way of AirPlay. All of these features facilitate a streamlined interface that makes using Google+ on the iPad a user-friendly and most importantly, fun affair.

Google+ iPad

In addition to introducing the Google+ app to the iPad, the newly released Google+ Events has been brought to the iPhone. All of the features that make Google+ Events so useful for coordinating parties and sharing the results afterwards can now be accessed on the go, making it even easier to decide if you want to attend without even having to head back home. If it’s not already being done, incorporating social media marketing strategies into a company’s overall marketing package can dramatically improve the brand’s image. This, coupled with a good SEO link building strategy, has the potential to take marketing efforts to new heights. Companies without a presence in social networks are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities in existence.

The much-loved Hangout feature has also gone mobile. Hangout is a video chat that can put up to ten friends into the same conference call with video and make everyone feel like they’re in the same room together, even if they’re miles apart. What’s even better is that it can now be accessed from anywhere, through the iPhone and iPad.

Google+ seems to have a firm grasp on what its consumers want and knows just the right formula to satisfy them. Considering that people access Google+ from their mobile devices more than from a home computer these days, creating mobile versions of the app that play to the strengths for each specific type of device was definitely an intelligent decision, optimizing the functionality and success of the social network.

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