Google Acquires Zagat

Google announced yesterday that it will acquire Zagat, an online food rating and recommendation site. What is great about this acquisition is that Google will gain a well-respected team with great experience in consumer-based surveys. This gives Google a personalized aspect with more connection to the consumer.

Zagat created mobile innovation before mobile applications were even thought of. Snippets and short paragraphs about food ratings and recommendations make Zagat an innovator in food recommendations that are around your corner and around the world. Zagat operates in 13 categories and more than 100 cities.

Zagat benefits immensely from this acquisition—bringing Google search and Google Maps to Zagat’s customer base. The collaboration between both innovators will create an even more efficient way to find your favorite rating and recommendation-based food finds. What will some of the benefits be for Google by collaborating with such a customer-based brand like Zagat?

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