Google Announces New Updates to Google+

Google aims to please its users whenever possible because it knows that listening and responding to feedback will strengthen the bond. Today Google revealed two of its most recent updates to Google+ that are bound to excite users of the company’s social network. Companies with Google+ profiles should definitely consider implementing social media marketing packages to follow along with all of the new developments that Google continues to roll out for Google+.

First and foremost, Google is making a heavy push into mobile. In May of this year, Google+ was introduced to Android and iOS phones after a specific mobile version of the social network was designed. Rather than simply move the site onto mobile, it built the mobile versions from the ground up. This ensured that all functions ran smoothly and enabled users to access the site on the go. Google+ access is higher from mobile devices now than it is from computers. The new tablet version is expected to expand this trend and the top marketing firms should take notice and make sure to include mobile strategies into their solutions.

Like the prior smart phone versions, the tablet edition was designed specifically for each device. This means that the system sorts content according to various parers, in addition to providing tablet-optimized visuals. The iPad app will be released soon and the Android app will be available for phones and tablets today.

Google+ Events is the other new update, with the intention of making online event planning tools more special and keeping the feeling of the event alive, is available today. Before events, users can send customized, Calendar-integrated invitations that really spark the desire to attend. During the event, Party Mode can be used to attach all photos to the event on Google+ photos right after they are taken. After the party ends, photos and comments can all be viewed whenever you want. This provides a new option for link building strategies because if people host their events in restaurants and other locations, the tagged links can help build new opportunities.

The advances in Google+ are sure to keep the faithful engaged as well as attract new users to join the constantly growing social network. This is one great step in achieving the goal of making Google+ the best social network around.

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