Google Analytics Will Offer Mobile App Analytics

Google recently held the Google I/O conference, which was an extensive 3-day conference focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies. The conference covered a variety of new technologies relevant to the interests of top web developers and top web marketing companies. One of the most significant announcements was the advancement of Google Analytics to now support analytics functions for mobile applications, allowing developers and marketers to measure the full value of their mobile applications.

Mobile search and application use has grown immensely, which has consequently increased mobile conversions to 8% in the last year. This figure is a staggering 180% increase in mobile conversions from the previous year signifying that mobile applications can be extremely beneficial to companies, developers, and Internet advertising companies alike.

 What does Mobile App Analytics do?

Google released a statement about the new platform, which states the platforms functionality is “designed to measure the entire mobile customer journey – from discovery to download to engagement. This enables the creation of app experiences that are more useful and engaging through data-driven decisions at each stage of the app lifecycle.” The platform is set to provide information on acquisition and user information based on downloads, active users, and new users. Also it includes many metrics to monitor retention, crashes, conversions, sales, in-app purchases, and Google Play Traffic Sources. An example of acquisition and user data is shown below.

Google Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics also portrays user behavior in respect to loyalty of users, frequency of use, and engagement. Also the platform will tells webmasters to track what type of devices their application users are using to run the app, and visually depicts proportions of their user base based upon this. An example of this device overview is below.

Mobile App Analytics supports many other features yet all of it’s features can only fully utilized by examining an applications performance throughout its entire existence. Many people have regarded the new development of this platform as an official recommendation for mobile search engine optimization efforts, signifying the importance of mobile users. Marketers will now have a more complete toolset and understanding of mobile applications and conversions. Let us know what you think about this new platform.

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