Google Acquires Dealmap

Dealmap announced Tuesday that it has been acquired by Google. Dealmap is a daily deals site that specializes in maps of deals in local areas. Dealmap, a company based out of Menlo Park in California, launched in May of 2010 and has built a large database of deals over the past year. Within the short amount of time, Dealmap grew to over 2 million unique users with about 15 employees.


Google showed interest in social buying sites back when they offered Groupon $5.3 billion in an acquisition but the offer was declined. Then in January 2011, Google came out with Google Offers to compete with Groupons daily deal. Now with the new acquisition, Google has found the missing link between offers and maps.

Even though it is unclear what the agreement is between Dealmap and Google, Google will help build even better products and services for consumers and merchants and simply make to be a one-stop-shop for deal-seekers, then integrate their own revenue generating consumer friendly way to increase its social buying market.


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