Gmail Motion – New Internet Technology that Works as a Video Game

This is probably one of the most articulated and imaginative jokes that Google has put out there in recent years for April fool’s.  Gmail Motion supposedly gives a new fresh twist to people’s email experience by adding body motion to all email actions from opening an email to writing an email with literally funny body movements.  See it for yourself in this clip from Google:

The idea is not so bold as many people might think nor can be taken as a  joke in future technological advances, however, to try to involve the product manager of Google, Paul McDonald, to create an entire production devoted to a joke is just “epic”, I just hope more technology companies around the world can be as humorous as Google is being today.  These are some of the actions suggested by the Gmail team:

Here at Internet Marketing Inc. have not gone so wild on April fool’s in order to top Google but a few jokes have been already occurring this morning.  After the small pranks we will continue to help companies with their online marketing strategies – business as usual as they say.

Carlos Corbera

SEO Project Manager

Internet Marketing Inc.

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