Give Back To The Community, Now Through Google+

With the holidays right around the corner, many forget to stop and think about those who have little to nothing. Now we can thanks to Google. Since the launch of  Google+, many nonprofit organizations have been able to raise awareness about their contribution to society. The social networking site has also recently served as a gateway for people to connect with specific causes around the globe. Google was thrilled to see in the past few days countless celebrities and entertainers beginning to direct attention towards their favorite charities; using the clever phrase #CauseILoveEm. They then are finding creative ways to show their followers what they love most about these nonprofit organizations. Here are some ways public figures are reaching out in attempts to give back to the community:

+Dolly Parton is encouraging followers to add +Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to their circles in hopes to benefit the children of her home country in East Tennessee, USA.


+Usher is also attempting to spread the word about +Usher’s New Look Foundation, which certifies young people in four leadership pillars (talent, education, career and service) to ensure their success as leaders throughout the world.


 +Linkin Park also posted a video asking people to share information about the nonprofit organization, +Music For Relief, which supports disaster relief and works to reduce global warming. Specifically he directed attention to the Power the World Give Light campaign, which encourages people to donate to provide solar-powered light bulbs for families in Haiti without electricity.

So join in on the cause this holiday season and include #CauseILoveEm with any post directing followers to your favorite nonprofit organization. Let them know what you like most about the nonprofit and don’t forget to type “+” before the nonprofit name.

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