3 Tips On How To Grow Your Email Marketing List

The key to any great email marketing campaign is getting your message out to thousands of subscribers who WANT to hear from you. To do this properly, you need to engage in organic and social campaigning for sign-ups.

Although you can gain sign-ups from paid search or display advertising, these leads tend to be of lesser quality and they will eventually opt-out, or worse, possibly mark future emails as spam. Here are some basic steps to gaining new sign-ups.

Simplify Your Sign-Up Form

If you want more information, give them the option to update their preferences and/or profile.

Make the Sign-Up Forms Easy to Find

Don’t bury it in the footer of the Contact Us page.  Add it to your homepage, in a very visible location.  Many tests have been conducted on webpage usage and fewer than 10% scroll to the very bottom of any webpage.

In addition to collecting sign-ups on your webpage, there are many other ways to grow your list.  One that has been very successful for some of Internet Marketing Inc’s clients is through social media and contests or giveaways.

Take advantage of the viral aspect of social by creating a giveaway, advertising it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and require the user to submit their email (with a clear message they are being opted into your newsletter list). If the giveaway is of great value, then it will be shared with friends and grow virally, expanding your reach beyond your normal fan base.

Never Buy a List

The question I get asked most – “what about buying or renting email lists?” Purchased email lists are proven to be half-dead emails, less than 10% will respond, and likely fewer than 5% of those will remain on the subscriber list. They are the type of user that either never unsubscribes or they have a “junk” email account they use for all online sign-ups and they may never open another email.

The chance that anyone from a purchased list really cares about your product is very slim. You can also endanger the reputation of your domain and email account. If too many of these users mark your email as spam, it can permanently damage your reputation, resulting in a poor delivery success of all future emails.

When it comes to building your subscriber list, the goal is to provide valuable content on a consistent basis. If you’re doing that, then you’re already on the right track.

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    Some very good information especially about not purchasing lists. I’ve heard that before that lists are normally sold because they have become tired.
    Are contests the best way to grow a list?
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