Get More Mileage From Your PPC Campaigns Using Enhanced Ad Sitelinks

If you’re running a PPC search campaign chances are that you’re using sitelinks at some level within your account.  Hopefully you’re up with your Google news and you’ve heard that Google began upgrading all sitelinks to enhanced models this week.  No?  You haven’t heard?  Or maybe you’re not using sitelinks yet at all.  Well we’re here to help; we’ll walk you through the steps.

First of all, why should you be using sitelinks in your PPC campaigns anyway?

Having sitelinks show with your ads expands the real estate on the SERP that your brand is claiming, which pushes your competitors further down the page.  On average, ads with sitelinks have a 30% greater clickthrough rate than those without.  They’re a great way to give your user more options.  When sitelinks show up with your ads the user is able to choose which part of your site they want to visit.  These links can direct to any page on you site, taking out extra navigation and improving user experience.

Enhanced sitelinks can be created at the ad group level (used to only be campaign level) giving you more control over which ads the extensions will show up with.  Each sitelink will be reviewed and reported on separately within AdWords instead of in bulk like the old legacy sitelinks were.  They can be customized by device, and time-of-day and day-of-week scheduling is now available.

So how do we implement the new enhanced sitelinks into our PPC campaigns?

If you’ve already got sitelink extensions in your campaigns, it’s really easy to upgrade them!  Just go into the AdWords interface, click on your Ad Extensions tab and use the dropdown to select sitelinks.  You will see an option for sitelink upgrades.  Just click on this option, select the specific sitelinks that you would like to update and AdWords will walk you through the process.

One big change is that the headline of the new enhanced sitelink only will allow 25 characters.  This means that if your legacy sitelink was longer than 25 characters (they used to allow 35) it will be disapproved and will no longer show with your ads.  So it is very important that you check the character count and re-write any that are too long!

The other big change is that no two sitelinks within the same campaign or ad group can direct to the same landing page.  Each sitelink must now direct to its own landing page that features unique content.  Google refers to this new rule as the “duplicate sitelink policy.”

If you didn’t have sitelink extensions before , use the same first steps – click on your Ad Extensions tab and use the dropdown to select sitelinks.  You are now able to create sitelinks at the campaign or ad group level, so choose where you’d like to install them and click the + Extension button.  Then select your campaign or adgroup and hit +New Sitelink.

The form fill that we’ve copied below will pop up. 














The Link text can be 25 characters long – this is your headline.  Make sure when you are creating this headline that it makes sense standing alone, without the two description lines.  The description lines are for additional information and will appear under the headline…SOMETIMES…whenever Google’s algorithm decides to let them.  Otherwise it may just be your headline showing.

Another great feature of enhanced sitelinks is the option to schedule your ads to show only during certain parts of the day or week and the option for pre-determined start and end dates.  This is great for running a certain special or for seasonal products.  Be sure that you are linking to a unique landing page, and hit save.  Enjoy your new enhanced sitelinks and increased SERP presence!

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