Geo-targeting with Google

Here is what is bugging me today. I really think that less than 10% of people that use Google Adwords have any idea that they can use geo-targeting in their ads or even know how to use the geo-targeting feature. Geo-targeting is essential for almost all ad campaigns.  Let me explain why. Here is an example I came across yesterday that blew my mind. There is a small condo project right next to the campus of a major university in Alabama. They are running broad match terms for the word “condo” in Google everywhere across the country. Their target market is students at this major university in Alabama. In their ad, the descriptions says nothing about where the condo is located. So I searched condos in San Diego and this ad showed up because it was a broad match for the term condo. Their max bid is probably set very high, and they are simply wasting money.

If I was in Alaska, this ad would probably show up too. I almost wanted to reach through my computer screen and grab the marketing person at the condo complex, so I took it one step further. I actually called them and asked about their condo project. They specifically told me they are only marketing to a niche base of students around the university. I then proceeded to ask how much money they were wasting in Google adwords. The sales rep did not know what Google Adwords was: I rest my case. If you are looking to market to a specific group of people in a certain area of the country, make sure you use geo-targeting. For a condo project like that I would recomend the largest condo site on the Internet which is It is the only one that focuses on new condo developments. That is my rant for the day. If you do not know what you are doing with the Internet and you want to run an adwords campaign, I urge you to use a major Internet Marketing Company to do the work for you.


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