The f/stop: This Week in Digital Marketing

website optimizationSurvey Says: “Show Me, Quality!”

More than three dozen local SEOs have come together in the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. This survey is an attempt at reverse-engineering Google’s local rankings algorithm.

The survey breaks down what those local SEOs believe are the most important ranking factors for both local packs and localized organic search results, and also lists factors that are of more or less concern since Google’s Possum update last year.

local search ranking factors

The biggest changes:

  • Reviews are more important.
  • Citations appear to be losing importance but still important.
  • Link signals are more important.

Overall, there is an increased focus on quality over quantity.

GMB Wants (Some of) You to Know Who’s Loyal

There are two, new reporting insights from Google My Business. There is now data to show the amount of returning customers to your business (completely new set of data for GMB).

google my business insights

And, it also now shows the most popular times of a business (similar to the one which is displayed publicly in the knowledge graph for certain businesses).

most popular times of business chart

Not everyone has access to these new insights yet, which is an indication that the update is either rolling out gradually or it is only going to be made available in specific areas.

In Other Digital Marketing News…

Your social media posts might be failing, if all you’re trying to do is sell, sell, sell.

Video marketing paves a direct pathway to constantly flowing leads. Are you camera ready?

And, perfecting your e-commerce shopping experience is about the journey…but also, the destination.

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