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According to some of the latest digital insights, it looks like Google is giving us more visibility into what’s valuable to know as consumers. How will it affect business? Only time will tell.

Reviews “Right” Under Your Nose

There’s a new feature Google rolled out earlier this month that lets users toggle back and forth between a business’s main Overview section and the Reviews section. Users can still see the aggregate score with a star rating but now can have more information in the same knowledge panel when viewed on mobile.

No need to click on another tab; all you have to do is check to the right to switch sections.

The Future of Internet Freedom

A recent ruling by Canada’s Supreme Court has ordered Google to de-index a website in Canada as well as globally in Google’s SERPs. Some feel it sets the tone for governments and companies to possibly censor and in this case, erase the digital footprint of information.

The focus on net neutrality and what it means for the U.S. (and globally) has been a main topic of discussion, especially in July. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects other companies and if and when Google will fight it.

New Algorithm, Who This?

No one ever quite knows when Google unleashes new algorithms, but various industry experts and ranking tools suspect there’s been a shift in Google’s index since late last month. Of course, it’s not been officially confirmed by the Goog, but marketers have seen significant fluctuations within keywords and websites across various verticals and industries. Another reason why marketers must keep on their toes to optimize, optimize, optimize.

Google Drops (More) Knowledge

Google continues to expand the Google My Business platform, which benefits both businesses and consumers. As of last month, GMB users can create Google Posts rights within the platform – which are displayed via the Knowledge Panel. Although the posts don’t stay live for long, it gives an extra boost for when new content is published.

Example of desktop search result

desktop search result showing updated GMB platform

Example of mobile search result

mobile search result example of GMB platform update

Key details about this update include:

  • Google posts will remain live for one week
  • Google posts designated as an event will display until the event end date
  • The minimum requirement for photos is 250 x 250 pixels (750 x 750 is recommended)
  • Animated gifs and videos are not supported at this time
  • Copy can be 100 – 300 words (only the first 100 characters display in the Knowledge Panel)
  • Predefined buttons are available – including Learn More, Reserve, Sign Up, Buy or Get Offer – which direct users to the URL you specify

Businesses can utilize Google Posts to:

  • Share current promotions and specials
  • Promote events or happenings
  • Highlight top products and new arrivals
  • Showcase new site content or blog posts

To create a post via GMB, click “Posts” on the left-side menu. Once the Google Post is running, insights on views and clicks become available in GMB.

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