The f/stop: This Week in Digital Marketing

Whats-Happening-In-Digital-MarketingThis week’s f/stop is short and sweet just like we like our weeks to be.

Are you still using Google+? Have you seen interstitials on websites that have driven you crazy? If so, this f/stop is for you.

Get Your Wrist Slapped by Google for Your Intrusive Interstitial

Six months ago, Google announced they would begin to penalize sites that use intrusive mobile interstitials starting on January 10, 2017. They have officially confirmed the rollout. Unlike other algorithm updates, webmasters have not noticed any significant ranking or traffic changes.

The interstitials that would be cause for this Google penalty include:

  • Popups that cover the main content on the page either immediately or when scrolling the page
  • Standalone interstitials that a user has to close before seeing the main content
  • Interstitials that appear above the fold (“fake interstitials”) with the original content pushed below the fold

This graphic from Google illustrates these interstitials:


Some interstitials are excluded from the upcoming Google penalty, including:

  • Interstitials that are in place for legal reasons, such as age verification or cookie notifications
  • Logins for sites with private content
  • Banners that are easily dismissible and use a reasonable amount of space on the screen

Google+ Has More Lives Than a Cat

Starting on January 24th, everyone can say goodbye to the classic Google+ (again) because of a new version with significant updates requested from the classic Google+ community.

“The new Google+ is your Google+, your suggestions, your requests, and your needs.”

“Our aim is to make Google+ the best place to connect around the things you care about.”

An overview of the updates:

  • Hiding low-quality comments. Anything that isn’t conducive to conversation.

google plus

  • More focus on content by making optimal use of the screen (less white screen, more posts) especially images (which allows zoom).

google plus images

  • Bringing back events (creating and joining) while also refining the user experience.

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