Foursquare Makes Moves in the Local Search Industry

Starting out as a simple application founded in March 2009, Foursquare has grown into a full fledged, social media marketing community boasting over 20 million users worldwide with over 2 billion check-ins, and millions more everyday. In light of the recent passing of “foursquare” day on April 16th, Foursquare has proven to be a major player in the local search industry, rivaling the likes of Google and Yelp with its new built in search features. Users can interact with reviews, photos, menus of restaurants, etc. With over 750,000 businesses using the merchant platform, it is becoming easier than ever for it’s more than 35 million data based locations to connect with users in ways like never before. By offering coupons to nearby users or posting information about their establishment, restaurants, hotels, salons, can all create more foot traffic resulting in more customers.

Foursquare has recently come out with its Explore program that allows users to search for local venues on its website, similar to Google maps. Foursquare describes it as “adding an ‘interesting’ layer to the whole world”. Available on its mobile platform for some time now, Explore adds a whole new dimension to the local search industry for users on the Foursquare website. With the vast number of locations tagged within the system, this creates an extremely valuable tool with regards to internet marketing and reaching users through social media that can lead to creative ventures in the future.




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