Why You Should Forget About Marketing Trends

marketing trendsNot every marketing idea or trend is a goldmine. Instead, you should focus on the fundamentals to more effectively reach your target audience

As technology and customer expectations shift, so do marketing tactics. We now see consumers moving to e-commerce platforms to satisfy most of their shopping needs, which means retailers are fluidly adjusting their marketing channels to more aggressively push their digital domains.

Technology often outpaces changes in marketing philosophies, so there is a real need to stay current on the latest marketing trends and activities. That said, many of us spend far too much time chasing these trends while forgetting that one of the ultimate goals of any marketing campaign is to grow the business and increase customer loyalty.

To accomplish this, forget about the trends for a moment. Instead, ensure that the following five fundamental marketing tactics are always in place as you attempt to cultivate connections with customers and prospective clients:

1. Create good content: We all know content is important, but having a team in place that can create and share useful content that is relevant, interesting, and timely is key. Work with a content team that can help you to create relationships with your audience by talking directly to them. Combine both timely topics and evergreen content to capture the attention of your customer base, and make sure to ask yourself each time: “Am I providing something of value here?” Don’t fall into the trendy trap of creating “click-bait” headlines that links to poor or irrelevant content.

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2. Know who you’re targeting: We’re always looking for a way to convert a prospect into the next potential customer, but focusing solely on conversion rates can alienate your existing base. There are a slew of marketing trends and tactics aimed at finding and converting prospects into customers, but quite often we’re more focused on the hardest part of our job (chasing potential customers) rather than the easier elements (building loyalty among existing customers). Yes, conversion rate optimization is on trend (and highly valuable), but make sure you’ve the right audiences identified first.

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3. Good timing is important – but not always feasible: Effective marketing is a little like creating a savings account. If you drop a few dollars in each day and never touch the money, you’ll grow the account into a substantial sum over the years. Marketing operates on a similar plane. Constant touchpoints with customers over time will translate into a cumulative customer experience that will keep you front of mind when the time comes to buy. Consider marketing tactics to keep you visible over the years. That way, when a client is ready to make a move, you’ll be as familiar as a pair of comfy old shoes.

4. Go analog once in a while: While the social media realm is one undeniably effective marketing medium, today’s consumer looks at real, human-to-human connection as an intriguing outlier amidst so much digital noise. When marketing your business or organization, join a networking group or social club that can help you to spotlight your brand and attract the right kind of attention to your business.

The need for in-person conversations will always be relevant, as consumers will grow weary of the disconnected feelings they experience from our interconnected world.

5. Look beyond Google: Yes, Google is a behemoth in the industry. It is the most utilized search engine on the planet and it uses sophisticated algorithms to reward those who prioritize quality content over sheer quantity of information. But Google isn’t the only area of focus.

Ensure your marketing plan entails detailed Google analytics reviews, but don’t put all your eggs, or your time, in one basket. Instead, seek ways to interact more directly with your target audience, focus on making your business’ website more mobile friendly, or create apps that can help your customers to interact with your business as efficiently as possible.

The latest in marketing trends can help you to grow your business and attract new clients, but these tactics are only effective, if you’ve mastered the basics of both digital and traditional marketing concepts first. Focus on the fundamentals. Then, integrate leading-edge marketing strategies to position your organization for big growth in the near future.

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