For Real Estate Developers

Real Estate developers are just beginning to understand the importance of online marketing. Developers need to understand that this is a vital aspect to selling out your project – especially in todays market. Today’s market is global so getting an SEO friendly website optimized should be the first marketing ploy for any developer. Even if your project isn’t slated to be marketed for a year because you are in the preliminary stages, you should really already have a website and doing backend work – like link building and content writing. This is extremely important for any site. The reason for this is the following – once your website is ready to be seen by the public, your site will be optimized and you won’t have to play catch up. See the blog below about Spending early and saving in the long term. Most developers, before they even start marketing their project simply have a landing page. This is ok if and only if the site is being optimized. Because we live in a global market, developers need to have high organic placement. PPC won’t reach the entire web so organic placement is really key. It doesn’t matter if you’re developing a condo development or a master plan community – you need to believe in internet marketing and optimize, optimize, optimize!

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