The Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship [Infographic]

SEO and content marketing isn’t just about creating compelling content, but having it written from an authoritative author. One way to showcase your authority within a specific niche or industry is by associating your author profile to every relevant piece of content you’ve ever written. Google has provided an easy way to connect your content through your Google+ profile and benefit from that association. But before we get into implementation, learn more about the history of Author Rank and Authorship from the infographic below.

By building up your authorship, blog posts and articles that you have written will get displayed in the search engine results pages along with your author bio photo, which can increase the click through rate of your listing by as much as 150%!

Even if all of your organic keywords from Google fall under the “Not Provided” bucket, it is still important to work with your search engine optimization company to utilize Google Authorship to drive more traffic to your site (that you can’t see).

Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship Infographic

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9 Responses to “The Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship [Infographic]”

  1. Joel Mwakasege

    Wow, this is one good direction.

  2. Sai Montes

    Great infographic! Now I understand Google Authorship. I’m really not a G+ kind of girl but because of this I might be one soon.

  3. Mervik Haums

    Excellent infographic. We’ve a Google+ infographics community wondering if that’s okay we share this there..

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  5. Marketing MadEZ

    They really turned their ranking system to promote Google+… Very good article though

  6. Bhakra Gani

    A very good post infographic. Thanks for the information provided.

  7. Claire Georghiades

    Google Authorship is a hot topic just now, and I found this the most helpful infographic I have seen so far to explain it. Thank you so much!

  8. Noam

    What if I want my articles to link to my Google Places for business page? Should I use both my personal G+ profile for rel=author and rel=publisher for my pushiness G+ profile?

  9. Bitskin

    Nice Infografic about Google Autorship – sharing in some of my german Blogs.


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