Facebook’s Timeline Gets Up Close and Personal

In the past couple of weeks, Facebook is really stepping up their game in the social media world.  For example, its latest news feed layout and real time ticker were  new additions recently. Due to many competing social networks such as Google +, Facebook is now releasing yet another new unique feature, Timeline.

 Is Facebook Becoming Like A Creepy Stalker With Timeline?

If  you are already frustrated and angry with the privacy issues Facebook has, well you might get even more concerned now.  Timeline  basically is a redesigned profile that follows a yearbook style layout. Facebook now goes into stalker mode by time-lining every status, photo, “likes” and any other interaction you made on the site in chronological format. Since the moment you signed up on Facebook, they have been documenting your life from start to present. It was crazy to see how much saved data Facebook had on my life when I installed Timeline!

 Blast From The Past

On the right side of the new layout, friends can click back on a specific date and then it will display some highlights from posts you had during that time period.   The new profile now shows milestones in your life such as graduating from college, getting a new job, and even when you become friends with people you interact with a lot on Facebook. It is kinda creepy how Facebook  knows who and what is important to you. For those of you who want to forget about your past, Facebook makes it more difficult and pretty much displays it all out for your friends to see. However, you can control and edit what is revealed on the Timeline.

 Some Key Points In The Facebook Timeline Layout


  • It summarizes your stories, past and present on a monthly/yearly basis
  • It organizes your apps, photos, likes, and places
  • You can add  life stories and experiences with a cover photo and choose the date where it will be added on your Timeline
  • You can add a larger banner photo as your cover

Sounds like we will now have to accept a new way of presenting our profile information to the world!  When Facebook changes the rules,  we really should  learn how to control our privacy and use new features  to our advantage before swearing it off.  You can enable Facebook Timeline now and see how you like it. Then, come back and report your thoughts! Are you of angry with Facebook Timeline and how it layouts your past for others to see? Or, do you think Facebook Timeline revolutionizes social media and gives Facebook the edge it was looking for? Me personally, I love it!

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