Facebook’s Plan to Build a Data Center Near the Arctic Circle Will Expand Their Coverage

In an attempt to expand the overall coverage for this Social Networking site, the Facebook Company has set in motion plans to build a new Data center near the Arctic Circle. Its position will be in Lulea, Sweden, which is only 60 miles south of the circle, and will be the first Data Center located outside of the United States. The interest in this location was purely chosen for its icy cold climates, as cooler temperatures help keep generators from overheating.

Facebook in the Artic Circle

Where are the current Data Centers Located?

Currently the only functioning Data Centers are located in Virginia, California, Oregon, and one more will be built in North Carolina, which has always resulted in slower data speeds for Facebook users in Europe. With this new Center, set to be built in 2014, European users will find better performance when accessing Facebook.

How Facebook is taking over the world in a great way

With Facebook’s 800 million users it comes to no surprise that Data Centers will need to expand outside the U.S. for better service from this social networking site. But when looking at the overall picture it’s amazing to think how Facebook has become such a worldwide commodity and how imperative it is to expand to other countries. The only question to consider is what international laws allow such construction near the Arctic Circle and how far will Facebook be able to expand before conflicting with international security breaches? What are your thoughts on this?

Facebook's Data Center
Facebook's Data Center
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