Facebook Roadshow Presents Huge Opportunities for Internet Marketing

For all of us who can’t seem to avoid being sucked into the world of Facebook every time we go on our computers, it comes as big news that the company is going public as an IPO. Recently, Facebook has presented its roadshow and has made its future intentions known. Among the most important for consumers, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized that they want to keep Facebook free for everyone. He says that ads are a very important part of Facebook in order to achieve this.

The biggest challenge for internet marketing companies and brands in general, is to convert huge followings on Facebook into material purchases. A company can have many likes and posts about it, but that interest does not directly turn into revenue for the company. Facebook claims to be able to be to fulfill any brands marketing needs with pages and ads, however, many feel the inability to research products and services is a major downfall, and one that will need to be addressed if Facebook wants more attention from marketing companies.

It is believed that search will be a major integration for Facebook in the future to provide a filling for this gap in the marketing capabilities of the social network.  To wrap up the roadshow video, Zuckerberg states that he believes the future of the industry lies in applications and their total integration to Facebook. He goes on to say, “every product experience you have [will be] social [and] powered by Facebook”. This is somewhat of a scary thought considering the large reach the network already has in the world, but considering the potential for online marketing, the opportunities become endless and are only limited by how creative companies and brands can be.


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