Facebook Releases New “Action Links” Feature for Applications

Facebook has released a new feature for applications called “action links”. Action links are unique links that can be created custom for an application. These links appear next to the “Comment” and “Like” buttons at the bottom of a post or update from an application. This gives users a new and unique way to share and further interact with the application.

The great thing about action links is that they are completely specific to each application. A company that owns a Facebook application can create their own custom link building strategy. This gives the company freedom to develop an action link that best suits their type of company.

Foursquare is a company that is already using this new feature. The action link that Foursquare uses is “Save This Place”. When someone posts a check-in through Foursquare on Facebook, their friends can see the post and click the action link. This will save the place in a list for the friend. Now the friend can reference the list to remember which places to go, check into those places, and share their own check-ins with more friends.

Fab.com, a design marketplace similar to IKEA, is another company taking the lead with action links. Through their app, users can share deals or products they like. Whenever a user shares a post through Fab.com, a “Fave this Product” link will be included on the post. Friends of the user can click the action link to add the product to their favorites.

Both companies show how action links can be used to increase the amount of interactivity with their brand. Users see posts from their friends and can easily become involved. It is up to each company to be creative to determine the best kind of link for their app. But if they do it right, action links can really increase the reach of the app and the amount of time users spend on it. Facebook is continually increasing their internet marketing opportunities; it is important to take advantage of them.

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